About Us

About Us

Jigten Learning Institute is the Learning Centre for upcoming individuals who want to upgrade their knowledge in different fields of Finances, Accounts, Taxations, Management, Costing, MIS reporting, Finalization of the accounts and etc. Jigden Learning Institute will be a place where learners can enhance their knowledge beyond the books and can learn to standby to compete in the market. We know, students do have the theory knowledge but needs some sharpen in the field of practical so that they can compete in the market. Here we are to train in the practical field rather than focusing only on the theory.

There are lots of opportunities in the market but due to the lack of experience, many of the beginners miss the good opportunity for the revolving chair. Now the world is changing and with the change in the world, there are lots of competitor in the market for the one revolving chair. Many of the organization endorse/float the vacancy to the people who have experience of working and new comer in the market doesn’t get much of the opportunity because of the working experience and the practical knowledge. We will train in such a way that even the new beginner can compete in the market with lots of practical knowledge.

As of now there are lots of gap between the new comer and with those who have experience in the market. So to fill the gap, Jigden learning institute hereby stands to train the new beginner who can enhance their knowledge and make self-ready for the war called, “competition”. They can achieve the practical knowledge from our institute. We will teach them not only the theory but we will give the opportunity to learn and practice the practical working. We will discuss and working on the issues in the market, will teach with the amended rules and regulations, Acts, notifications, circulars and many more which can update the people in the market.

The institute will have good trainers who will provide ample knowledge in different fields and can share their experience of their fields and can offer training. As the institute will be directly headed by the Chartered Accountant, the trainer will be given ample of training before going to the classes for teaching. The trainer will be updated with the changes in the market. As the institute will be directly under the supervision of “Dilli Yok & Associates” The Chartered Accountant firm in Bhutan, who is also empanelled with the Royal Audit Authority for auditing the Corporate, Public Company, Private Company and CSOs. This will make easy to share the Experience of the field work in the classes and can make them practically aware of the market to the new learner and the beginner in the market. The training will be to the beginner as well as those who are in job but want to enhance their knowledge in the market.




Following are the primary targeted courses:

A.      Teaching of BIT, CIT and PIT and their documentations.

B.      Conversion of the tally data to the excel

C.       Basic of Company Act of Bhutan 2016.

D.      Basic of Income Tax Act of Bhutan.

E.       Income Tax Rules and Regulation with the TDS regulations.

F.       Basic of the customs Acts, BTC code, Customs rules and regulations and ETC.

G.      Basic Costing and Finance

H.      MIS Reporting Systems

I.        Liquidity Managements Systems (Budgetary Control Systems.)

J.        Tally and other software

K.      MISC Topic from the Different Field and Environments.

1.       Under the constructions field

Ø  RA Bills

Ø  Mobilization advance

Ø  Material advance

Ø  Retention money

Ø  TDS deducted

Ø  Secured advance

Ø  Contract Income and etc

2.       Under the Boulders field

Ø  Letter of credit

Ø  Bank Guarantee

Ø  Forex gain and losses

Ø  Under value

Ø  MVI Expenses

Ø  Royalty payments

3.       Under the General learning process:

Ø  Borrowing cost

Ø  Defer tax assets and defer tax liabilities

Ø  Contingent liability and assets

Ø  Provisions to be made

Ø  TDS payable and receivable

Ø  Pre operating expense

Ø  Preliminary expenses.

Ø  Going concerns and etc.

K)    Case Studies and Issues faced by many organizations:


Being the Institute headed by the Chartered Accountant and also the Institute is Under the Supervision of the Dilli Yok & Associates, every difficult faced in the market will be discussed in the training center. Every important Topic that is been found during the field will be discussed in the training classes, which will be known as the special classes. This topic will be discussed to every class. The accumulation of the cases and the issue will be collected and made a subject in the long run of the training institute.